Sad Daddy, Lost Dog Street Band, Freakons and Sophie & The Broken Things

Tonight’s small round up of releases that I love starts from Arkansas with the new Sad Daddy album Way Up in the Hills. Members Brian Martin, Joe Sundell, Rebecca Patek and Melissa Carper all write songs and sing lead and the end result is a refreshing and truly enjoyable roots album. Here’s a couple of personal favorites from the album. However, it’s impossible to explore all the various rootsy shades of the album with just a few examples so please do listen/buy the whole thing on Bandcamp.

Sad Daddy Website

Lost Dog Street Band doesn’t really need an introduction at least in this bubble that I live in and therefore this is mostly preaching to the choir type of post. Nevertheless, The band led by songwriter Benjamin Tod and fiddle player Ashley Mae have made an exceptional album full of hard-hitting dark country songs. This is gold from first note to last and naming a favorite track is almost an impossible task. Therefore I used different ones here than on the earlier new music playlists. Listen / buy the whole great album on Bandcamp. The music video is from Western AF whose youtube channel is probably still the best place on this internet thing-y.

Lost Dog Street Band Website

And wrapping this little blog post with a couple of new singles. Freakwater and Mekons recently joined forces and the end result is a band called Freakons and most likely a wonderful album of songs about coal mining. Most likely only because so far I’ve only heard this awesome lead single Blackleg Miner. Not that I have any doubts that the rest of it will sound equally impressive. The self-titled album will be released by one of my favorite record labels Fluff & Gravy Records on the 25th of March.

Freakons at Facebook

And last but not least a couple of singles from the forthcoming Sophie & The Broken Things album Delusions of Grandeur that will be released by Petaluma Records on the 25th of February. I’ve really enjoyed all the advance singles from this Nashville-based band and look forward to hearing the whole thing later this month. Here’s the music video for Trouble that also features another excellent Nashville country artist Logan Ledger and the latest single Heavy Metal.

Sophie & The Broken Things at Facebook

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