Joseph Huber, Ryley Walker, The Olympic Symphonium


I’ve followed Milwaukee-based singer-songwriter Joseph Huber since the last The .357 String Band album. His magnificent song The Days Engrave was the highlight of that album. I never got totally into his solo debut, but I really enjoyed his second solo album Tongues Of Fire back in 2012. Joseph Huber just released his third solo album. The new album is called The Hanging Road and I’ve had this excellent album on heavy rotation for the past few weeks. This is Coming Down From You from The Hanging Road.

Joseph Huber Website

Ryley Walker is a really convincing new folk singer-songwriter from Chicago, IL. This might not be the kind of music that I usually listen to all day long, but Ryley’s new album All Kinds Of You is still extremely impressive. People often compare him to Bert Jansch and Tim Buckley and I can fully understand that. This is Great River Road from his new album All Kinds Of You that came out on Tompkins Square in April 2014.

Ryley Walker at Facebook


Canadian folk group The Olympic Symphonium and their latest album Chance To Fate was on heavy rotation a couple of months ago, but I wasn’t really writing the blog at the time. So better late than never and all the other cliches. This beautiful folk album came out on Forward Music Group back in March. This is one of my favourites. A song called Jasper.

The Olympic Symphonium Website

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