Dr Cosmo’s Tape Lab, The Wellgreen & Linden


Some pop music this time around. Scottish pop music to be more precise. More commonly known as the finest kind of pop music.

First have Glasgow-based Dr Cosmo’s Tape Lab and their new beautiful concept monster called Beyond The Silver Sea. Absolutely ludicrous idea to record a psych pop / power pop concept album in your bedroom, but they make it work rather wonderfully. Perfect pop songs and some cool narratives in between them. What’s not to love. This is Time Enough For Love.

Dr Cosmos Tape Lab Website


Sticking in Glasgow, because why would I ever want to leave. The Wellgreen has teamed up with Spanish label Pretty Olivia Records and have released a new album called Summer Rain. It sounds absolutely wonderful. These masters of melody have been on my radar for a couple of years and are just getting better all the time. They sure know they way around a pop song. This is Maybe It’s The Pressure Of The City Life That’s Tearing Us Apart from the new album.

The Wellgreen at Facebook

Today I also found new music by Joe McAlinden. In case you remember that excellent 90s Scottish pop band Superstar, this is that same guy and it sounds like he still has the ability to write good pop songs. He now operates under the name Linden and his new album Rest and Be Thankful came out in June 2015 on AED Records in the UK and on Slumberland Records in the US. This is the title track of the new album Rest and Be Thankful.

Joe McAlinden Website

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